Create Memorable Content your readers will LOVE!

Create Memorable Content your readers will LOVE.

In my previous post about How to make money blogging, one of the biggest steps I mentioned was creating useful content. How though? How are we going to create content that our readers will love and keep coming back for more. How will we create useful blog post after blog post and keep it remarkable and even have it go viral, well that is what I am here to help you with.

The first thing you need to do to create a viral blog post is make it relevant. Write content your audience wants to read. Sounds easy enough but it is way easier said than done. How the hell am I going to know what my audience wants to read? That my friend, is a great question.

I like to use a technique I learned from a great blogger and entrepreneur, Ramit Sethi, he coins it the 5 minute straight jacket technique. This is where you simply shut off all your devices, sit in a quiet room and think about how your customer or reader feels, using empathy. Think about their wants and needs. Their fears and dreams. Get inside the head of the customer. Write down what you find and test it. When you truly understand people you can create something they want and they didn’t even know it.

You also want to make your content helpful, this again relies on getting inside your customers head. When you figure out what they need, want and what their problems are, you can truly solve their problems. This creates great value for the end user.

Create scripts for your readers and action steps. Tell them exactly what they need to do to succeed. Spell it out for them and walk them through it in detail. They will love you for this! Whatever you do just make sure you are getting your audience the results they want.

When writing your blog post keep it organized. Use an outline to get everything down on paper and be able to move stuff around logically.

Make your content personal. Create a personal connection with your readers. Use pictures and stories to connect with your audience. Don’t hide your beliefs or personality when writing. Put it all out there, your audience will appreciate you more for it. They want to know who you are and what you stand for not just the facts you are writing about. This will make everything more interesting and will let you create a better relationship and eventually lead your audience to like and trust you and hopefully eventually buy from you.

Make your content engaging. Great content is just like having a great conversation with your best friend. Write as if you are talking to one of your friends, this will definitely make it more engaging and will hopefully lead to more comments and shares. Soon your audience will feel like they know you and you will start building a community.

Do not forget to make your content detailed as well, include any facts from your research and don’t leave out relevant information. I have always believed that long form writing is the way to go and will keep you and your blog posts relevant for a long time.

Now that we know what is involved in creating some killer content, let me share with you a few other tips I have found to be helpful.

  • Write about what you know – It is much easier to write about what you already know. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert on what you are writing about but you do need to know more than who you are writing for, (your audience). Writing what you know will also keep you from experiencing writers block. Once you have written about what you know, do your research on the next topic and write about that. That’s what bloggers do.
  • Gather your research – Get all the info you need before writing a blog post, write it down in point form. Use Google to do research, I like to look up the top posts in a category I am writing about and jot down pointers and facts, after all they are on the first page of Google for a reason. I also like to check the comments on those top posts because there is often tons of great information there as well from readers and the original posters answers to readers questions. Another thing I do is when I am casually surfing the net or reading articles and I run into something I think might be useful to me in the future, I will bookmark or save that site so I can refer back to it for research.
  • Use an Outline – I mentioned this before but I will say it again. Using an outline is the best way to start your blog post. It eliminates the stress of a blank page and deters writers block. This is how I usually outline my posts.


-Write a hook or something captivating to keep your audience interested otherwise they may never get to the meat and potatoes of the article or the call to action


-Write down information from the research you have done, write down interesting examples you can use and any tactics you can share.


Write a conclusion that ties everything together at the end of an article and include your call to action, (CTA), whether it is sign up to a newsletter, buy or simply comment or share. Ask and you shall receive!

  • Start Writing – Now that you have done your research and created an outline, it is time to put the proverbial pen to paper and start writing your first draft. A lot of times this first draft will change drastically compared to the final product but this gets the creative juices flowing and gets something down on paper.

You have your blog now, you’ve written your first draft and refined to the point that it is ready to publish. You hit the publish button, time to watch readers flock to your site, right? WRONG. WRONG.

You need to get yourself in front of readers and seek them out because trust me, they are not looking to hunt you down. I can tell you that!

You could spend years and years creating an audience one reader at a time, but that is not how we want to approach this. We do not have time for that!

There are different ways you can get in front of more people, you can leverage social media. Creating a following on Twitter and Facebook etc. could help a lot but the best way to create a larger audience is to get in front of someone else’s audience. Someone with a similar target market but with a much bigger following than yours. How exactly do you do this, you ask? Write a guest post. BOOM. Done. Well not quite that easy, you first need to get someone to agree to let you write a guest post. That maybe the hardest part.

The best way to reach out is to email or message them, but you have to remember these bloggers have huge followings so they receive tons of messages and emails just like this, so here are a few tips to stand out and get in front of their larger audience;

-Compliment them on something specific, like a way that they have helped you.

-Show that you know their problems and you have taken the time to learn about them

-Get to the point fast

-Establish your credibility, share with them other places you have written

-Ask them to email or call you if they are interested

-Do not keep bugging them, they are very busy and value their time, it could take weeks for a response

Keep these tips in mind and hopefully you will get a response and be able to get in front of their audience. Something like this could change everything for you so make sure to be greatful for the opportunity they have given you.

I will also share with you a Template of an email you can use to send to an Influencer for a guest post. Here it is:


Hey [NAME],

Ever since I tried XYZ, I have gotten great results. I already [INSERT SPECIFIC RESULTS].

I really appreciate all the hard work you do to create useful content about [SUBJECT].

I know you have a lot on the go and creating remarkable articles is very time consuming, so I was wondering if you would like a hand with it.

I have already brainstormed a few ideas I think your audience would love.

[IDEA 1]

[IDEA 2]

[IDEA 3]

I have written a lot on [SUBJECT]. Here are a few examples of some of my work.



I know you do not publish guest posts very often but I would love the opportunity to write for [SITE NAME].

If you are not interested, no sweat, I I will still be an avid reader and fan.






This email will provide them with enough information to make a decision and the fact that you are helping them out and that if they do not need you then it is no problem, really helps your chances of success.

In conclusion, once you have some content, good content, that you have created and have some experience under your belt, it is just a matter of getting your work in front of the right eyeballs. Use social media to your advantage as stated above and try to use influencers in your field as much as you can. This can really rocket you to success. Nothing happens over night and these things do take time, so don’t get discouraged and keep at it. If you would like myself to write a guest post for you or you for my site, please let me know because I am also open to ideas. Email me for more information at and for more about me and what I am doing check me out on Facebook (, Instagram (markmastronardi) and Twitter(@mastronardimark)!


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