Product Launch Checklist

Product Launch Checklist

Every Product Launch is unique. Use this checklist as a guide for your launch to help increase sales and minimize mistakes.

  1. Why should people pay attention to what you are selling? You must be able to answer this question. This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and is very important to distinguish yourself from the competition. What do customers receive in return for giving you their hard earned cash?
  2. Give incentives or rewards to early buyers. Reward them for taking action early.
  3. Make the launch fun for everyone. Whether they buy or not, you want them to enjoy hearing or reading about your launch.
  4. Record video and/or audio messages to complement written copy.
  5. Create a sense of urgency for the launch. You could use a limited time offer, a special sale for the launch etc.
  6. Build anticipation. Get people excited.
  7. Publish date and time of the launch online.
  8. Proofread everything, multiple times. Then get someone else to read them.
  9. Check all web links, shopping cart and payment processing. I would check on at least two different computers, an ios phone and an android phone to be safe that everything is working on all platforms..
  10. Is your shopping cart properly set up with PayPal and are all other forms of payment set up and working properly?
  11. Test every step of the order process.
  12. Register all domains associated with your product. (Buy .com, .net, .org etc. plus similar names. Domains are cheap, buy them now.)
  13. Review your order page carefully and make any changes needed. Ask friends or partners to do the same and ask for suggestions.
  14. Are all files uploaded to the right place?
  15. Read everything from your launch message to sales page out loud to avoid poorly phrased sentences and mistakes.
  16. Set clear goals for your launch. How many sales, net income, etc.
  17. Merchant accounts can give you problems when out of nowhere you receive a large amount of money. Notify them you are launching and when.
  18. Have a backup plan in case you have problems with your merchant account. Have another way to accept payments.
  19. For high priced products, can you offer a payment plan? If so charge a little more and offer discounts to those who pay in full.

The Night Before.

  1. Clear as much email as possible along with other online tasks, so you can focus on the launch.
  2. Write a strong launch message to your email lists.
  3. Prepare blog posts and social media posts for the next two days, so you can just copy and paste.
  4. Set your alarm clock (or clocks!) to make sure you are up and available at least one hour before you scheduled launch.

The Big Day

  1. Schedule your launch time to suit your audience, not you. It is usually best to launch early morning, eastern standard time.
  2. Soft launch ten minutes early to make sure everything is working.
  3. Write to the first five buyers to say thank you and ask if everything went ok.
  4. If possible send a quick personal message to every buyer in addition to the automated message they may receive.


  1. Important: Ask for help spreading the word. Ask prospects, friends, readers etc.
  2. Let affiliates know about the new offering.
  3. If appropriate, send out a press release or write to media contacts or journalists.
  4. Post to social media.

Follow up

  1. Write your automated thank you message in advance.
  2. Outline additional content for future communications and schedule it after you recover from launching.

Go Above and Beyond

  1. Overdeliver and surprise your customers. Include an added benefit for supporting your launch. Surprise these customers. It will go a long way.
  2. If there is something special you can do to thank your customers, do it. (For example, phone some of the customers or send a post card, you could even set up a meet and greet.)

The Last Steps

  1. Do something for yourself. You`ve earned it.
  2. Start thinking about the next launch. What did you learn from this launch. What can you do better for next time.


It is much easier to sell to existing customers than acquire new ones. Don`t take your customers for granted. Treat them good, always over deliver and surprise them from time to time. Customers are your life line and good ones are hard to come by. If you put in the extra effort they will notice and keep coming back for more.


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